Summary of Events Presented at the Centenary Dinner 3 August 1996 – Delivered by Max Archer.

1895 The game of golf was introduced to a few friends in Hamilton by S.H. Palmer after a trip to Scotland.
1896 A private Hamilton Golf Club – had no links – made application to Borough for the use of the Police paddock – this was declined because they mistakenly believed that the use of horses in the game would damage the surface. Play was at Pretonholme property of Mr J. Learmonth who had a nine hole course.

Many primary producers graziers had nine hole golf courses including Brung Brungle, Corea, Brie Bri, Mount Sturgeon, Blackwood, the last one being Nigretta.

1897 The Annual Meeting wound up the old club and a new club was formed with R. Stapleton Bree President.

The course was 86 acres in two paddocks leased from Hon. Thomas McKellar. Subs 7/6 and 3/-. It had 9 holes with grass greens enclosed by fences wire netting bunkers across fairways.

1898 Purchased a pavilion from the Tennis Club for £5.4.6.
1899 Colours were brown, white and green.
1902 Joined V.G.A. (I think we have been continuous members)
1905 Offer made by Thomas Robertson, W.H. Melville and James Robertson for the land £1180 then erected a club house at a cost of £700 and offered the lot to Hamilton Golf Club on lease.
1906 The new club house opened. Colours were red, green, yellow.
1907 Joined V.L.G.U. – W.G.V.
1915 Hamilton Golf Club purchased the 86 acres for £2100 interest at 3% – later reduced to 2%.
1916 Water, piping hoses and sprays were sold to pay interest.

Vote to permit playing of golf on a Sunday was put to members and lost 60 yes to 67 no with 1 informal. Subsequent notice put in club house.

1920 Re-fencing of greens so that 1700 sheep could be put on the 86 acres for one week to eat down the onion grass.
1934 The course was now 18 holes with grass greens.

Electric lights were installed at a total cost of £25/30.

1938 Alterations to club house including the adding of a large lounge.
1941 Mechanisation came to Hamilton Golf Club with the purchase of a Chev Ute/Blitz as a tractor for £50. A horse was previously used to pull mowers and a dray.
1950’s The club applied for a liquor licence. More club house alterations.
1960’s Purchase of additional 54 acres. Plans for sale of approximately 10 acres of land.
1970’s Plans for the new layout prepared by Major Jock Whillans. Opened by V.G.A. President Mr. J.R. Lovett in 1973.
1979 New club house
1992 New 38 Melalitre dam plus watering system.
1993 Design of our club badge. Colours of the club changed again. Green, gold, navy.
1994 Alterations to club house entrance and installation of gaming machines.
1996 Our first Pro Am tournament.

Golf Club’s contribution to charities including 1st & 2nd W.W. Comforts Fund, Red Cross Blind, RSL and Legacy, Local Charities, Base Hospital and many others.

Some of the funny but serious decisions past committees and members had to make.

1 The raising of subscriptions by 2/6 – LOST
2 Should the club house be connected to the town sewerage system or continue with our septic tank.
3 Should the Lady Members become Associate Members. This particular general meeting was heavily stacked by Lady Members – Result – motion lost.
4 That the Hamilton Golf Club leave the present site and move to an area of land near Bochara. (I suspect that is was landowned by a Committee Members wanting to make a profit).
5 The location of the present club house.

We have been fortunate to have several prominent and well known golfers play our course.

  • Hon Mel Scott Australian Open Champion
  • Mrs Nel De Little Australia Open Champion
  • Peter Thomson
  • Norman Von Nida
  • Garry Sobers
  • Bill Edgar
  • Bill Gluth
  • Jean Donald (Scottish Pro)
  • Joan Fisher
  • Barbara Dillon
  • Jane Lock
  • Debbie Sharp

The above is a short summary of the club and in the words of a well known TV program – Hamilton Golf Club – “This is Your Life”.