Golf Club & Bar Rules

All visitors must be correctly signed in the Visitor’s Book before entering the Members’ Bar.
Members and visitors are to be neatly and suitably dressed at all times. Shirts without collars and disreputable jeans are not permitted on the course or in the clubhouse.

The clubhouse is available for hire for social functions.

No children under 9 years are permitted on the golf course without adult supervision.

No unattended dogs are permitted on the course.

Complaints in regard to the conduct of bar, the staff or in any other matter must be made in writing to the President.


A member of the General Body of Members may introduce visitors to the Club and such visitors shall be entitled to the privileges of the club to which such introducing member is entitled. The fees payable by visitors shall be those that are determined by the Board from time to time.

The visitor’s name and address and the name of the member introducer shall be in the Visitor’s Book and payment of the prescribed fees made before use of the Club’s amenities. No fees shall be charged in respect of the Presidents, Captains or Secretaries of golf clubs affiliated with the Victorian Golf Association or the Australian Golf Union who are introduced as visitors.


Women’s competition — Tuesday (Beginners), Wednesday & Saturday.

Men’s competition — Saturday and Thursday.
Golf all days.

Conditions of Competition

Entrance fees for all events must be paid for on or by the day entries close. Competitions will be graded according to the number in the field on the day.


Each player is responsible for playing off her correct handicap. Any reduction or increase is automatic and comes into force immediately the card affecting it is returned.